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Karen, an investigator, looked at the store scorecard on her desktop. “Something’s wrong at Store 1005,” she thought as she sipped her coffee. Karen worked all day reviewing performance for each employee and the store vs. other stores in a variety of combinations. Nothing could account for the risky scorecard ranking. Why? Because the store’s statistics were completely normal for that store.

Detecting outlier performance takes more than a sharp eye and a scorecard. It takes the artificial intelligence (AI) built into Secure™ Store 5 to analyze all the data and identify the true outliers. It reduces the false-positives that waste resources, and it guides investigators to next steps to:

  • Cut shrink
  • Reduce fraud 
  • Curtail sales reducing activities


If your current exception based reporting system can’t do that, contact us when you are shopping for a replacement. We will give you a full demo of Store Outliers and the other features of Secure that speed investigations by 50 percent.


Let AI help you investigate 50% faster with Secure: